Freelance Project

Solving the “unsolvable” problem for the City of San Francisco

I worked at InFlight which is a software agency based in Kitchener–Waterloo, Canada. The company specializes in building applications for unsupported legacy business applications. I was tasked to help the City of San Francisco make its website for eProcurement more discoverable and focused.

The problem

In 2017, the City of San Francisco chose to use Oracle’s PeopleSoft for its eProcurement program. However, this quickly introduced problems for the city as the Oracle platform had originally been released in 1987. Users complained of extreme difficulty when using the system and that they “didn’t know where to begin”. The City of San Francisco could not switch to an alternative eProcurement portal as the city had already committed funds to supporting the legacy software. Instead, the city wanted to “upgrade” the PeopleSoft program.