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Hi, my name is Wilson and I'm a Product Designer. In 2015, I began practicing design professionally when I got my first contract working for a small data science startup based in Toronto, Canada. This first opportunity got me really thinking about how we as designers advocate for the humane use of technology.

Subsequently, I took small freelance work throughout university and eventually landed into jobs where I made design decisions for millions of lives, and consequently, helped businesses meet their goals. I’m a bit of a futurist, but really I see practical ways we can introduce things to us today. I’m no stranger to the limits of technology and I like to see everything through a pragmatic lens.

My technical roots have always lended me ideas to the designer part of my brain. About six years ago, I started a business specializing in NFC/RFID hardware design. While that business has come and gone, I am still reminded of the curiosity and willingness to challenge an idea that has shaped me into the person I am. Design is the art of problem solving, and the value of that will always be priceless.
In my personal time, I’ve been backpacking around the world (21 countries and counting) and have met some of the most interesting people I know. I’m passionate about computer networking and electric cars.
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