Freelance Project

Formlabs builds a world-class site in days, not months

Formlabs is a leading manufacturer in 3D printing based in Boston, MA. The company runs annual conferences such as The Digital Factory to show the world upcoming manufacturing technology. I was tasked to lead the implementation of The Digital Factory under a turnaround period of just a few days.
Top Features
Webflow CMS
Using Webflow helped Formlabs achieve short iteration cycles to get things done fast. Content Writers were in the loop during beta builds. This took the Formlabs team from concept to final product in days, not months.
Eventbrite Checkout
Visitors stayed on the same page when purchasing their tickets. This design decision was supported and lauded for reducing cart abandonment. In the end, over US$1 million was processed and the event sold out.
CRM Integration
When visitors provided their email, the information was sent to Salesforce through a FormAssembly POST request. This provided Formlabs with continuity in their CRM throughout all sites owned by the company.

The problem

Formlabs had ongoing projects that swamped its web development team. That led the company into hiring a local WordPress agency to build out The Digital Factory.

On the agreed upon launch date, the WordPress agency failed to deliver. Formlabs then started looking for a new contractor, but on the condition that there would be a quick turnaround.